Episode 18 Road Trip and Lakeside Knitting

Hello all! Welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast. It’s been a few weeks but I’m back now with a huge FO and a couple of WIPs. It wouldn’t be a knitting podcast without a few stash enhancements either, now would it???

Friendly reminder that my Senior Love Along continues on this year.  I am collecting cotton wash clothes to hand out to seniors living in homes during the holiday season. Please hold on to your washcloths until then. There is an FO thread where you can post a picture of each of your washcloths. Each one you make is a chance to win a prize! I will be announcing prizes that I will provide very shortly and unashamedly ask for any prize donations. They would be very welcome and much appreciated!


Opal Socks using Opal sock yarn in the Little Prince color way Geographer. Using my brand spankin new Signature DPNs!

Toatie Hottie by Kate Davies Designs. Love this cute little cozy. I bought the kit from Kate’s shop in the Madder and Cream colors

These are the only 2 WIPs I have to show because I had been working almost exclusively one project since I last podcast and that project is…..

The Event Horizon Shawl which I finished minutes before I recorded the podcast! I was on vacation a whole week and hardly knit! Unbelievable isn’t it? Still I managed to finish this amazing Pi Shawl Using String Theory Hand Dyed Caper Sock Yarn. Boy was this yarn yummy! I want to knit another but alas I have to knit my Rhinebeck Sweaters now. If you want to make one Donna Druchunus is starting another KAL soon and String Theory has kits available.

Donna’s site

Quite small compared to my Event Horizon Shawl but still very loved are my finished Collywobles socks by Fibretown Designs. This is a great pattern for variegated colored yarns and lots of fun to knit. I used Desert Vista Dyeworks Voir yarn in the color Cottage Garden. My only wish is that I had made them a little longer up the calf. Like with 2 extra repeats of the pattern. I had plenty of yarn left to do this. Oh well, still love them!

Shash Enhancements:

Got me some new needles on my way to visit family for Easter. I had forgot to grab a DPN to knit the border on my Event Horizon Shawl and on top of that lost a DPN at a restaurant so I couldn’t work on my socks either! I begged my sisters to take a very minor detour to the Yarn Explosion in Roanoke, VA. The service was super lovely and I would love to stop again next time I visit my family out that way.

I purchased Hiya Hiya DPNs for the shawl border and Knitter’s Pride Dreamz DPNs for the socks. Love them both!

I also picked up another skein of Opal Sock Yarn in color way that I have no clue. I can’t find one listed on the label but the numbers are Farbe 3200 and Partie 862

We also stopped at a JoAnne store so I checked out their stock of Patons Kroy Sock yarn and they had a terrific variety of colors! I got

2 pairs worth of Blue Striped Ragg

Sing N the Blues Stripes

Rusty Stripes

Cameo Colors Fx

And let us not forget 2 sets of Signature DPNs! 2.25 and 2.50!! My absolute favs!

Episode 16 WIPing It Up

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits podcast!

Emily from Fibre Town has graciously hosted a fundraising contest on her forum – so thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if you could give a little love.  Maya (selkhet on Rav) and her sister are raising money for Team ASPCA for the TD 5 Boro Bike Ride in May, and along with Emily  are doing a little giveaway for contest for folks that pledge – details available in Fibretown forum. which I link in my group.  I am upping the anti with some Lorna’s Laces Solemate in the Rainbow color way!

Senior Love A Long #SrLovealong  – I am doing a year long KAL to make wash clothes for local seniors living in homes. I will collect them at the end of the year and gift out during the holidays. Please use 100% cotton, and any technique you would like to make your wash cloth. There are more details and a FO thread in the Hudson Valley Knits Group

Boston Marathon Scarf Project – There is a group on Ravelry. I am also starting a FO thread. Post your FO by April 1 and I will draw a winner! one scarf per person please! Crochet, weave or knit.


Toatie Hottie by Kate Davies

Event Horizon Pi Shawl by Donna Druchunas Stories in Stitches 2

Collywobbles by Emily Estrada from Fibretown Podcast using the Fish Lips Kiss Heal by Sox Therapist

Boston Marathon Scarf Project using Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf by Karen Baumer


Krakatoa Socks by Amelia Putri Papiput on Ravelry Test knitting sock using Malabrigo CandombeSpinning:

Unwind Yarn BFL Stop and Smell the Poppies

Stash Enhancements:

Estate Sale finds

Fiber from Three Waters Farm.

Episode 13 Snow Day

Welcome to Hudson Valley Knits Podcast!


What I’m wearing Calliope’s Odyssey by Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Emily from Fibre Town Podcast has graciously hosted a fundraising contest on her forum – so thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if you could give a little love.

Maya (selkhet on Rav) and her sister are raising money for Team ASPCA for the TD 5 Boro Bike Ride in May, and along with Emily  are doing a little giveaway for contest for folks that pledge – details available in Fibretown forum. which I link in my group.

I am upping the anti with some Lorna’s Laces Solemate in the Rainbow color way!
Here is the direct link to our fundraising page:


Vanilla Socks for Joe using Patons Kroy sock yarn

Krokatoa Socks by Amelia Putri Papiput on Ravelry Test knitting sock using Malabrigo Candombe

Event Horizon Pi Shawl

FO: None this week

Spinning – Loop Bullseye Bump in “Earth Mother” Merino and Tussah Silk

Stash enhancements:

Another Joanna Spring bag!

Knitting notebook by Carol ES MacDonald. She was at VKL


Knitty Talk

Stories In Stitches Writing Retreat

March 20-23, 2014

Episode 10 Knit Me Happy!

What I’m wearing:

Snow Cap by Rosemary Hill


Giveaway Winner!

GAL KAL  is #41 momidebi who knit a Drops hat for her daughter

Love for Our Seniors – 100% cotton washcloths  – I’ve created the FO thread. Please hold onto your completed washclothes until later in the year.  The goal is 200 wash cloths to be given to Seniors living in homes during the next holiday season.  I have set up a FO thread and a chat thread in the Ravelry group. If you have some cotton in your stash just knit up your favorite stitch pattern! There will be prizes to be announced.


Vanilla Socks for Joe using Patons Kroy sock yarn

Cambio Cowl by Laura Nelkin in Vertigo Colorway

Carson Throw by Romi Hill

Event Horizon Pi Shawl by DonnaDruchunas Drew Cooness

First Washcloth

Krokatoa Socks by Amelia Putri Papiput on Ravelry Test knitting sock using Malabrigo Candombe


Against the Current Shawl by Me using Mad Tosh Sock in Worn Denim

New Stash

Mad Tosh Light in Antique Lace

Knitty Talk

Croton Gab and Knit

Deb Tomasello Patchworks by Debi

Lost City Knits

Lovin the Craftsy Platform!

I don’t know about you but I have become a Craftsy addict! I love their set up and there are so many classes to choose from! One of the classes I joined was Designing your own Lace Shawl taught by Miriam Felton.  I thought the class was phenomenal and was inspired to create a shawl that I call Against the Current.

I plan on publishing this pattern and already have all the charts made up. Just need to write up the pattern. Oh, did I mention they have a class for writing a pattern? It is called How to Say It taught by Edie Eckman. It can be monotonous but is full of useful info if you are planning on writing up patterns. Here is the first pattern I am writing up. I am calling it the Forest Habitat Cowl and it is based on a cowl I knit for my Mom last year. I mad a few changes and wrote up the pattern. I plan on sending out to a test knitter soon and am still in search of a good tech editor. If you know one let me know. Here is a shot of it “on the block”


If you have been debating on taking one of the Craftsy classes I highly recommend them. They are very well done and worth every penny.


Let me Tink About it..

I am currently working on the most beautiful shawl pattern by @Romi called Asterope. There are a few different charts that are used for this pattern and switching from one chart to another is sometimes a little tricky. I finished the first row of the last chart only to realize I am off by one stich and with a pattern such as this you can not cheat or it will look terrible. So, I am Tinking. What is tinking? Funny you should ask, because up until a few days ago I had never heard it either. “Tink” is knit spelt backwards and is a term used by knitters when you have to undo a row stitch by stich vs just ripping it out.

So tonight I am tinking back to my mistake and will reknit it. It will be well worth it for this gorgeous shawl.

Vogue Knitting Live Here I Come!

I am getting ready for Vogue Knitting Live!! I am so excited about this event. I signed up for it right away this year instead of dragging my feet. Last year I signed up late and the classes were practically full already. I ended up taking a class that wasn’t really worth it for me. This year I immediately signed up for a class on designing your own shawl.

Here is a picture of everything I will be bringing.

In the back is a shawl I made and designed called Guardian of Air because you can’t go to VKL and not show off a little! I am also bringing a project that I just cast on which is over on the left. It is a shawl designed by @Romi called Kleio. I am sure there will be time for knitting so I must bring that.

In the center  are  yarn and pattern ideas for the Shawl design class I a taking.  I am bringing Spirit Trail Fiberworks‘ Penelope yarn in the color Connemara. along with a swatch. This yarn is really beautiful and soft! I got this for Christmas from my sister Kim.

On the right is the pattern for another shawl designed by @Romi called Maia. I will be shopping for a yarn to make this with while I am there so I am bringing the picture and the yarn requirements.

Well that’s it. Got to get to bed and get some sleep before the exciting day!

Spirited away by a Shawl

I have some new favorites that I can’t keep my eyes off of! Before I go off on that, let me share what’s on the needles. I have 2 projects in the works now (technically more, but let’s not get into that, ok?). The first one I showed you the other day and that is Marc’s Fisherman sweater. I am ready to start the armholes and just need to wait until I have enough time and quiet to really concentrate on it. Maybe tomorrow when everyone is at work.

I also have the Spectra scarf on the needles which I am loving. It is simple to knit but so interesting in the construction. Brilliant!

I am also excited about my projects that I have yet to begin. I found a shawl designer that I just love! Her name is @Romi and her designs are right up my alley. All the lacy shawls one finds on Ravelry are beautiful and delicate and make that special entrance when we wear them. That is great, but they are starting to all look the same. I am looking for a shawl that says “warm, snuggle, practical, texture, deep, rich, and simple in it’s design”. I found it. I didn’t recently hear of Romi, I have seen and admired her work for a while but it wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I was blown away by one of her designs that is even named yet. She is referring to it as “Muse 5” and it will be included in her most recent e-booklette 7 Small Shawls Year 2. This is a book in progress which currently has 2 of the patterns released so far with the rest to follow in the coming months. I went ahead and ordered it because the 2 that are released so far are also absolutely gorgeous! I have found something to use my most precious yarns for.

Speaking of precious yarns I have a new favorite brand of yarn. I love all her yarns and all her colors. It is Spirit Trail Fiberworks and her yarns are simply to die for. I like them better than Artyarns which says a lot! I have a nice amount of Spirit Trail yarns in my stash too and I plan on using it for Romi’s shawls and I alsoto design my own shawl as one of my Gaian Tarot inspired designs.
Here are some pictures of my WIP and the beautiful Spirit Trail yarns that I currently have.