Episode 94 2018 Knitting Goals

Hello and welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits podcast. This episode was recorded on two separate days almost a month apart. I was very sick and never go around to uploading the first recording so I have put them both together here.

I’m really excited about all my projects that I’m currently working on and also the projects I have planned. I mention my 2018 knitting goals and show my #2018makenine goals.


I also set up a Ravelry project page like I do every year with my goals listed out. I’m real excited about everything I want to make. Here’s what I have for my goals this year.

Two Rose Gold shawls by Andrea Mowry. One for each of my sisters.

Rebel shawl by Leslie Ann Robinson for my Mom

Lots of sweaters! I already finished one for the list and that is the All The Love sweater by Joji Locatelli. Next up I will cast on the Humulus sweater by Isabelle Kraemer. I also have Arwen in the queue for 2018. This is a fingering weight sweater which I don’t have the stash for right now so I may substitute it for something I do have stash for. Or maybe even commit to work on my Alice Starmore cardigan a lot this year. Not sure yet. I have lots of sweaters in my queue that I love. I’m just really into knitting sweaters right now.

I have another brioche shawl in the queue that I want to knit for myself and maybe use some of my precious Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna stash for. We’ll see. I maybe tired of knitting brioch by then (or maybe not!).

I have a Wolley Wormhead hat on the list but maybe will end up knitting more.  This hat pattern was actually her 2017 MKAL pattern now called Joyce. This is the first year I didn’t knit along with the KAL. I really like it and will make it this year. Her patterns are awesome.

The last pattern in the 9 for 2018 is the Zhivago wrap pattern which I have had the yarn for since 2016. I bought the kit for this beautiful Artyarn wrap and can’t wait to have it around me.

Some other goals are knitting 6 pairs of socks, Maybe (if I have time) finish my Maidenhair wrap by Alice Starmore using her yarn. This project has been hibernating since 2013! It would feel really good to get this off the needles.

Lastly is to start a memory blanket. I have wanted to do this for a long time too.

Done with the socks!

Well, it is official now. I have knit my first pair of socks. All in all I am very happy with them.  Not bad for the first pair.


First pair of socks

First pair of socks

I confess they are a bit too big for him. I will have to shorten the next pair up. Also they are too loose. I deliberately used a larger needle because I didn’t want them to be tight around his ankles. Well they really are too loose and I should have just followed the directions and used the correct size needles. As a result, they bunch up around his ankles, but he is wearing them today anyway! Gosh, I love that man!

Now for my dilemma. What to knit next? I only have one pair of size 2 circulars so I can only knit one pair of sock. There is a beautiful pattern in Charlene Schurch’s book, More Sensational Knitted Socks that I want to try, but I am wondering if I should keep it simple and more portable. I would use the beautiful Gloss yarn that I just got from Knitpicks. If I had another set of size 2’s this would be simple. I would start a pair of plain ribbed socks with the pink Aussi yarn and I would do the multi colored socks from MSKN with the Gloss. 

I have a feeling it will be the multicolored socks.

Lovely Holiday Weekend


I had a wonderful weekend of knitting over the holidays. Thursday was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I went and got Rachael (my daughter) from her Dad’s in the morning. Shortly after I got home, my DH got home from work and my Mother in Law arrived. My husband is a Chef at a Monastery and had to go in and cook for the Monks. He used that opportunity to cook our turkey and the trimmings at his work kitchen. This was fine with me because it meant less mess to clean! We had a nice quiet meal and enjoyed each other’s company. For desert my brother and sister in law came and it was nice and relaxed as we enjoyed all the wonderful deserts.

Friday my daughter and left for the 2hour drive to my parents house upstate. My sister Lisa lives up there as well and my sister Kim and her husband were up there for the weekend as well. I was especially anxious to see my son who drove there for his college break. It was so nice to see everyone. We had a delicious meal on Friday of lasagna which my sister had cooked and enjoyed a nice movie together after dinner. I spent most of the weekend working on Marc’s second sock. For some reason the heel turn was not coming out centered and I had to frog it a few times before I got it right. I am totally baffled as to what I was doing wrong. I decided to attribute it to being too tired and put it away for the next day. Sure enough I managed to get it right the next day and after that soared through the gusset of the sock. Now I am quickly working my way down the foot. I had hoped to have it done for Marc on his birthday which was yesterday, but not quite yet. Here is my progress thus far.



Second Sock

Second Sock

On another note, I did finish the Mangia shawl. I have put it away for now. It is to be a birthday present for my Mother and I will give a picture when she opens it for her birthday which is Jan 7. I know she will love it. I am very happy with the way it turned out.

I did work a little bit on the fair isle sweater I am making for my Mother in Law. Just a little bit done on the second sleeve. I also had a chance to check my gauge on the lopi lite yarn I had bought. Size 8 needles will be the perfect size for this yarn. I will cast on the hooded sweater as soon as I can buy the Addi needles kit or if I can’t wait maybe I will order the knitpicks needles. 

Oh, yes, I must mention that I ordered some of the knit picks nickel plated round needles and find them nice to work with. Not as nice as the Addis but really good for the great price. These can be a very good and affordable alternative for me. There is talk on Ralvery that the cords often break and that knitpicks is very good about replacing any of their products. I hope that I don’t have that issue, but it is good to know that everyone is very happy with Knitpicks customer service.

Speaking of Knitpicks, I also bought a bunch of sock yarn from them. It is their Gloss Sock yarn and it is beautiful! I love the colors especially. They are gorgeous and go together beautifully. I am in love. It is very soft too. I knit a swatch with the new needles and I loved working with it. I am really happy with the quality and feel of the yarn.

Here is a picture of some of them. Aren’t they beautiful colors? and so shiny too.


Glossy - Cosmos

Glossy - Cosmos


Glossy - Dusk

Glossy - Dusk