Episode 104 Relish and Finish

Hello everyone and welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast! Today I podcast to you from my home in St. Louis Missouri! This is a long episode because I take some time in the end to reflect on my knitting in 2018 and think about my knitting goals for 2019. I also have a winner of the Lost City Knits prize yarn to celebrate 5 years and 100 episodes of vlogging.

At the end of the video I have some more give aways and great deals. Check out what I have and leave a comment on the episode at YouTube for a chance to win!


Vintage Fairy Lights by Helen Stewart



Project Peace by Christina Campbell


Twinkling Trees by Dani Jorge


Red Robin Socks by Helen Stewart


Scrappy blanket!


Episode 103 Happy Home

Hello everyone and welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast! Today I podcast to you from my new home in St. Louis Missouri! Tune in to see what I’ve been knitting on since Rhinebeck and also find out about how you can win a gorgeous skein of silk laceweight yarn from Lost City Knits to celebrate my 5 years on podcasting.

To have a chance to win the skein of Lost City Knits yarn please go to my YouTube channel and leave a comment on the episode for a chance to win.

I am also selling and gifting some stash, bags and spindles. The details on that is at the end of the podcast.


Indomitable Socks by Hunter Hammerson using Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Miami Red.


Rose Gold Shawl by Andrea Mowry using Knit Picks Hawthorne and Madleline Tosh Sock

Range Shawl by Andrea Mowry using Lisa Souza BFL Worsted weight yarn

Vintage Fairy Lights socks by Helen Stewart using Lost City Knits Promenade Sock.

Project Peace 2018 cowl using Hedgehog Fibers Sporty Merino in Dove colorway

Episode 102 Ugly Filing Cabinet or Rhinebeck Recap

Welcome to Hudson Valley Knits, a knitting vlog from my home in the Hudson Valley NY. It’s a very rainy day here so again I must podcast inside. I hope you enjoy my new cast ons and a fun recap of the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY. It was a great time. Make sure you watch to the end for my husband’s recap for a non wooly recap.


Reason socks by Becky Sorenson


Rose Gold Shawl by Andrea Mowry

Range Shawl by Andrea Mowry

Indomitable socks by Hunter Hammerson

Episode 97 Sea Shells By The River Shore

Hello and welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast! Today I am at George’s Island Park in Montrose, NY. It’s a beautiful day in the valley.

I have so many things to show you and to talk about.


Team USA Hat by Susan Rainey using Cascade 220 Yarn.

Isthmus By Gudrun Johnston in Brooklyn Tweed Quarry color Slate

Lolo by Jared Flood using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in color Fauna

Gramps Cardigan by Tin Can Knits in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Tweed

Roots by Clare Mountain found in Socks 2018 Making Stories, using Spirit Trail Fiverworks Tayet in Pink Sands. Used a Fish Lips Kiss heal.


Humulus by Isabell Kraemer using Knitpicks Simply Wool and Wool of the Andes Tweed.

Fragment by Helen Stewart and found in Laine Issue 4, using Into The Whirled Pakokku Sock color Second Spring. Your LYS may have an issue but if not you can order in the US from the Woolley Thistle

New stash from Once Upon a Corgi is Aeron Fingering in the color Nose Stuck In a Book

Episode 96 I’m American And My Tension Sucks

Hello and welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast! I am Amy and I am podcasting today from my home in the Hudson Valley in NY state. I have a couple of finished projects to show you and a little progress on some WIPs.

Mostly what I talk about during this podcast is stranded colorwork and some tips related to that. Please know that the title of the podcast is all in fun. I know there has been a lot of talk in the knitting podcast world about stranded knitting, tension and color dominance. I share some of my own thoughts as well as some tips about stranded knitting on magic loop and color dominance.

I try to demonstrate my advise but don’t have the best set up. Also this is not a complete topic about these subjects. It it meant to add to the amazing video expertly done by Dianna Walla on her YouTube channel Paper Tiger.

I also refer to the Arne & Carlos YouTube video Why There Is No Dominant Color in Norwegian Knitting

I highly recommend the book Knitting With Two Colors by Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen if you want to learn or improve your stranded knitting. I swear by this book and think it is all you will need to improve your stranded knitting and customize your colorwork knitting.

Episode 94 Sweater Stashing

Hi and welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast. It was a gorgeous day in the Hudson Valley so I had to record. 40 degrees F and no strong winds.

IMG_0516.jpgLots of new projects on the needles and stash enhancements for future sweaters.

Lots of new WIPs including a new pair of socks for my sister Marooned socks by Hunter Hammersen


Another sweater on the needles. Humulus by Isabell Kramer. I can’t wait to wear this!IMG_0510.jpg

You’ve seen this before but I’ve made a lot of progress. Rose Gold shawl by Andrea Mowry


Episode 94 2018 Knitting Goals

Hello and welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits podcast. This episode was recorded on two separate days almost a month apart. I was very sick and never go around to uploading the first recording so I have put them both together here.

I’m really excited about all my projects that I’m currently working on and also the projects I have planned. I mention my 2018 knitting goals and show my #2018makenine goals.


I also set up a Ravelry project page like I do every year with my goals listed out. I’m real excited about everything I want to make. Here’s what I have for my goals this year.

Two Rose Gold shawls by Andrea Mowry. One for each of my sisters.

Rebel shawl by Leslie Ann Robinson for my Mom

Lots of sweaters! I already finished one for the list and that is the All The Love sweater by Joji Locatelli. Next up I will cast on the Humulus sweater by Isabelle Kraemer. I also have Arwen in the queue for 2018. This is a fingering weight sweater which I don’t have the stash for right now so I may substitute it for something I do have stash for. Or maybe even commit to work on my Alice Starmore cardigan a lot this year. Not sure yet. I have lots of sweaters in my queue that I love. I’m just really into knitting sweaters right now.

I have another brioche shawl in the queue that I want to knit for myself and maybe use some of my precious Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna stash for. We’ll see. I maybe tired of knitting brioch by then (or maybe not!).

I have a Wolley Wormhead hat on the list but maybe will end up knitting more.  This hat pattern was actually her 2017 MKAL pattern now called Joyce. This is the first year I didn’t knit along with the KAL. I really like it and will make it this year. Her patterns are awesome.

The last pattern in the 9 for 2018 is the Zhivago wrap pattern which I have had the yarn for since 2016. I bought the kit for this beautiful Artyarn wrap and can’t wait to have it around me.

Some other goals are knitting 6 pairs of socks, Maybe (if I have time) finish my Maidenhair wrap by Alice Starmore using her yarn. This project has been hibernating since 2013! It would feel really good to get this off the needles.

Lastly is to start a memory blanket. I have wanted to do this for a long time too.

Episode 92

Hello and welcome! I’ve just added a new video to YouTube. You can see it here.


I’ve made some progress on some of the projects since recording and thought I would share.

First thing is I delivered the baby sweater gift and it was well received. The new dad is a trainer that comes to our office and holds a bood camp class. We surprised him before class with our gifts. He loved it and said he would take a picture of his wife with it.


I also finished one of the fingerless mitts which will be a Christmas gift for my sister. I used the little Tosh cakes and came up with this order for the color changes but the mitts didn’t use all the yarn. I think I’ll knit another pair with the remaining colors.


Here’s the finished mitt.


That’s about it for now. Here are the other projects I talk about in the video. See you soon!

Episode 89 New Trails

Welcome to Hudson Valley Knits Podcast! Today I am podcasting during my hike up Anthony’s Nose (again). It was the perfect day for hiking and I found a fantastic new to me look out point which I end up podcasting from.


Cullum by Isabele Kraemer using Knit Picks Lindy Chain in Navy

Abalone Cardigan by Alice Starmore using Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2 ply.

Plain Vanilla Socks using Muststash Yarns

Rock Island Shawl by Jared Flood using Brooklyn Tweed Vale in the Heron colorway.


Exploration Station by Steven West using Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna

Glam Lamb by Steven West using Debbie Bliss Roma

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