Episode 21 Puni Envy

Hello all! Welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast.

Friendly reminder that my Senior Love Along continues on this year.  I am collecting cotton wash clothes to hand out to seniors living in homes during the holiday season. Please hold on to your washcloths until later in the year. There is an FO thread where you can post a picture of each of your washcloths. Each one you make is a chance to win a prize! I will be announcing prizes that I will provide very shortly and unashamedly ask for any prize donations. They would be very welcome and much appreciated!


Hiroshima Peace Socks by Donna Druchunus in Stories in Stitches 3. Double knit using Plucky Feet in the colors. Donna is doing a Sock KAL with any of the sock patterns from this book. You can find out more in her Ravelry Group.

Spinning – Spun up the Shetland batts I purchased at the Webs tent sale from Foxfire Fiber and Design. I’ll show them next podcast since they were still drying.

Puni style Rolags from Naturally Knitty. LOVE THEM! on my Greensleeves Spindle

Marc’s Aran Sweater with Virtual Yarns Banin


Toatie Hottie by Kate Davies Designs. Love this cute little cozy. I bought the kit from Kate’s shop in the Madder and Cream colors. So close!!!


Guardian of Air Shawl almost done writting the pattern. Anyone interested in test knitting?

Stash Enhancements:

Leather knitting belt from BobNWeave

Highland Handmade:

Corriedale in color Chunky Dunk

Polwarth in Islesboro Blues

SW Merino Silk  in Winter Wheet

Naturally Knitty:

Puni style Rolags in Spring Sprang Sprung colorway

Two if by Hand: Check the Stitch by Stitch Video podcast group on Ravelry for a SAL and Coupon code!

Falkland in Here Comes Your Man

Palworth Silk in Exausted

What to Make Next? Craftsy to the Rescue!

I have to share this with you because I think it is rather funny. I have been spending a lot of time using the Craftsy platform. I love it! I think I have signed up for almost every knitting class. I don’t need them all but every one of them has taught me something. Thing is it is driving my husband mad. You know those rifts of music at the beginning of each lesson? Well he’s got them all down pat. Knows exactly what class I am listening to just from the music. Right now I am designing a pair of socks for him using Knit Picks Imagination Yarn in the colorway Seven Dwarves.

With the help of Donna Druchunas’ Original Toe Up Sock Class of course! Marc has unusually thick feet and Donna’s class has been extremely helpful in planning a sock that will fit Marc. Here you can see me measuring his foot circumference.  11 1/4 ” !

Here are some FO that came out wonderful.

This is the Porifera socks I knit for my sister. They came out great!

I also finished the Pogona Shawl by Stephen West using Malabrigo Arroyo in the color Archangel

I should be working on Marc’s sweater but honestly I am so afraid of messing it up I have procrastinated.  I think I may need to “consult” with Stefanie Japel or Carol Feller over at Craftsy. I’m sure they will be able to help 🙂

World’s Largest Swatch

Getting ready for winter knitting and pulled out my husband’s fisherman’s sweater which has been put away for quite a while. The sweater body is coming out a lot smaller than my gauge swatches led me to believe. I knit all the different patterns separately when swatching so it’s possible they were off. I had Marc try it on and it is very tight all around yet I calculated it for 4″ of ease! I also should be starting the armholes but I still have a couple of inches before I get there. This really bites.

Marc says he doesn’t care, but I don’t want him wearing something that looks like crap. To be sure I don’t mess it up again I gave it a soak and hung it outside to dry. Now I am measuring 15 inches across all the cable patterns and my seed st on the edge is 3 1/8″ for 10sts. So there you have it. The world’s largest swatch!

PS Learn from my mistake and don’t try to save yarn when swatching. You really need to repeat the pattern a couple of times in each direction to get a correct gauge. Lesson learned.