I Don’t Have a Puckering Problem

Show notes for Nov 23,2013Welcome!

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What I’m wearing:

Icelandic Yoke Sweater “Design 9& 19” by Katrin Andresdottir

My apologies for the noise from the wind.

Today I will have

  • News
  • WIPs
  • FO’s
  • New Stash
  • New in the Queue
  • Mini Review


I’m on iTunes!

Hudson Valley Knits Ravelry Group – Please join!

When we reach 100 I will do a pattern give away – up to 53 people!

GAL KAL – I’m having a gift giving KAL/CAL I have started a thread in the group for chatting and one for FO’s

Post a picture of the recipient wearing or holding the gift for a chance to win a skein of Dragonfly Fibers Traveller in Starry Night colorway. 280 yds Superwash Merino


  • Must be a member of our group
  • Can double dip with other KAL’s
  • Show a ¬†picture of recipient with gift
  • Can already be started
  • Have until January 8 because that is Elvis’ birthday.
  • Can be a gift for any occasion


Herbaceous Socks by Emily of Fibretown Podcast Fancy Pants Fiber Gussied Up by Oohfancypants of Whatcha Swatchin Podcast for the Dynamic Duo KAL at the Craft Stash Podcast

Living in Yarniad bag

Basic ribbed hunting hat for my BIL made with Plucky Knitter Trusty

Against the Current Shawl by me using Mad Tosh Sock in Worn Denim

Living in Fat Squirrel large bag


Wooly Wormhead 2013 Mystery KAL

Laura Nelkin gift swap is done but I can’t show you! I will be sending it to her Monday and after she receives it I’ll ask her to send a picture ūüôā

New to the Queue:

Fairy Snow Cap by Rosemary (Romi) Hill will use my Six Paca Farm Sapphire Super Royal

Cambio by Laura Nelkin

New Stash

Cambio Kit

Ribband kits in 2 colors, Silver and Ruby

Cheerio kit in Velvet

Project Bag from JoAnna at Knit Spin Farm be sure to check out her video blog too!

Mini Review:

Creative Effects in Sock Knitting Op-Art Socks by Stephanie Van Der Linden


IMG_0195 IMG_0201 IMG_6259 IMG_6265 IMG_6214

Rhinebeck Recap Part 2

As promised here is all the scrumptious stash I acquired at Rhinebeck. ¬†I actually forgot some fiber that I bought from Fiber Optics, so I’ll show you that in the next show.

I have set up a Ravelry Group called hudson valley knits so please go check it out and join if you want to talk about any of the podcasts. I do plan on having some give aways down the line so check it out!

What I’m wearing

Mudra Cuff by Laura Nelkin

Cactus Flower Shawl by Rosemary (Romi) Hill


Wooly Wormhead’s Mystery Hat KAL

Herbaceous Socks by Fibretown Designs

Hofsos Pullover by Stephen West


Delias Eucharis Socks by Hunter Hammerson

A Cowl for Jeanne by Rosemary Hill

In My Knitting World

Sometimes I feel like I am three different people living in three different worlds.

There is Amy the corporate woman. Blaa… Some people thrive at this type of life and love it. Me not so much. I never wanted it. I just had no choice. I was a single Mom with 2 kids to support. I do the absolute best I can, work with amazing people and am grateful to work for a great company that gives me good salary and benefits, but for me it is empty time. It does nothing for my soul.

Then there is Amy the Tarot Reader. Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of being a fortune teller and reading cards for people. Why? because I wanted to know what I couldn’t see. I also wanted to give people answers that they couldn’t find. I also loved the mystery of it all. I have been reading and studying the cards for many years now and this is where I feel myself. I love it and will never tire of it. Unfortunately it’s hard to make a living off it. especially in my neck of the woods where the cost of living is so high.

And then there is Amy the Knitter. I’ve been knitting and creating things since I was a child. Grandma taught me to knit and crochet and I’ve always loved it. I love making things and giving them to people I love. It’s my love in a physical form. Often times I dream of becoming a knitting designer but Amy the Corporate Woman keeps getting in the way by hogging all my time.

My goal for 2013 is to honor Amy the Tarot Reader and Amy the Knitter by giving them more time. I’m not sure how I am going to swing this but I am sure going to try! Do you hear that Universe? I’m ready to make that change!

Meanwhile in my knitting world here are some of the gifts I made in 2012 to give to people I love!

I designed this shawl specially for my sister Lisa. She is one of the most beautiful people I know and I love her so deeply. It makes me so happy to see her wrapped up in this.


I also snuck in a pair of Porifera Socks designed by Miriam Felton with the leftover yarn


My sister Kim got this Gyllis Shawl in a Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn of the most beautiful colorway. It was perfect for Kimmy.


that was for her birthday. I also knit her this Color Affection shawl for Christmas


My husband still hasn’t gotten his Aran Sweater but he did get a pair of custom socks designed by moi.


The kids got some things too. Joe got a nice slouchy hat. He wears it A LOT. I have even caught him sleeping with it on!


Rachael got a nice warm cosy pair of Snowflake Socks to wear. These are a Drops design and I used their yarn as well. They knit up fast!


My Mother in Law also got a special gift this year. I have to get a picture of her wearing this. I swear her eyes almost match the green in the shawl! It is so beautiful on her with her red hair! It is the Carson Shawl designed by Romi Hill. Love it!


Next year my number one goal is to get Marc’s sweater done. I also want to publish some of my own designs.

I have lots of stuff I want to blog about in future posts. I have a lot to say about many of the Craftsy classes. I’ll let you know how Vogue Knitting Live goes this weekend! I will definitely keep you up to date on my designing aspirations. I so wish I had more time for that!! Sigh….

Vogue Knitting Live Here I Come!

I am getting ready for Vogue Knitting Live!! I am so excited about this event. I signed up for it right away this year instead of dragging my feet. Last year I signed up late and the classes were practically full already. I ended up taking a class that wasn’t really worth it for me. This year I immediately signed up for a class on designing your own shawl.

Here is a picture of everything I will be bringing.

In the back is a shawl I made and designed called Guardian of Air because you can’t go to VKL and not show off a little! I am also bringing a project that I just cast on which is over on the left. It is a shawl designed by @Romi called Kleio. I am sure there will be time for knitting so I must bring that.

In the center ¬†are ¬†yarn and pattern ideas for the Shawl design class I a taking. ¬†I am bringing Spirit Trail Fiberworks‘ Penelope yarn in the color Connemara. along with a swatch. This yarn is really beautiful and soft! I got this for Christmas from my sister Kim.

On the right is the pattern for another shawl designed by @Romi called Maia. I will be shopping for a yarn to make this with while I am there so I am bringing the picture and the yarn requirements.

Well that’s it. Got to get to bed and get some sleep before the exciting day!

My first Cable Project

My first cable project has a sad ending I’m afraid. My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was little. For the most part I did very simple projects and whenever something went wrong I always went to Grandma and she would fix it for me. So, when I finally graduated college and had more time on my hands I decided to begin a project that I had always dreamed of and that was an Aran knit sweater. I went to the LYS and spent a pretty penny on some yarn and as usual, Grandma cast on for me (yes, I couldn’t even cast on myself). I had completed most of the pieces and with some mistakes that Grandma would fix for me. Sadly before I could finish, Grandma passed away. I kept knitting but for some reason I felt I couldn’t do it without Grandma’s help. I didn’t know how to finish it or do the hood. I put it away and every so often would take out the unfinished sweater and think of Grandma. The sweater got lost one year during a move (and the pattern with it) and it makes me so sad. I really would have liked to finish it to make Grandma proud.

I have since come a long way with my knitting and become very self sufficient in fixing and finishing projects, but every time I work on a project with cables, I always start to miss my Grandma.


Sheep Shearing Baaaaaa

I had such a great time at the shearing event that the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm put on today! They had an open house at their beautiful farm located about 40 minutes from my home. I noticed while walking up the street lined with parked cars, licensees from Conn., Mass, and even Virginia! People were there from all over. It was really neat to see how the shearer handled the sheep. This can not be an easy job! And those sheep held in all sorts of contorted positions! How hilarious! It was great to watch! 

Pete the Sheep Shearer

Sheep Shearing

They had a pot luck lunch as well and asked people to bring a dish. Let me inform you ¬†that I am not a good cook! My husband who is a professional chef does all the cooking in our house. I asked him for some ideas last night of what I could bring and he said, “Honey, if you are going there to make friends maybe you better not cook” LOL! He’s right! But, with his help and guidance, we put together a chicken curry salad that was quite delicious! It seemed to be a big hit, so I was very pleased.

Pot Luck Lunch

After watching a few of the shearing, I wandered around the beautiful property. It reminds me of upstate where my sister and parents live. There are streams and a pond, chickens running around, a bridge over the running water, beautiful lilac tree and just a serene, relaxing setting.


Beautiful Streams

Lilacs are my favorite!

Perfect for knitting! I worked a lot on my Luskentyre. I was also very flattered to be interviewed by Cat and Eric from Lets Knit 2gether. They were there covering this event and Cat came over and complimented me on my work. It was very nice to meet both of them. I love their video podcasts and admire all the work they do to bring this to the knitting community so when they asked if they could put me on their show, I was honored. 

Luskentyre Progress

My daughter came with me and was a trooper. Even though it was not her scene, she stayed and didn’t complain. She did take a little nappy in her chair though….


All in all what a great day! A big thank you to Susan and Pat for opening their home to everyone. It was really wonderful! I end it with the most deliciously cute cupcakes I have ever seen


Too Beautiful Outside

I really wanted to stay home and knit all day. It has been a while since I just relaxed and knit. Problem was it was so beautiful out, that I would be a fool to stay indoors. So, my daughter and I went hiking. I live in the Hudson Valley in NY and there are some great hiking trails. The mountain we went up today is called Anthony’s Nose. The view from the top is breathtaking


The view from Anthony's Nose

The view from Anthony's Nose

and there are some great rocks to sit on and knit ūüėČ


Knitting on Anthony's Nose

Knitting on Anthony's Nose

My Knit Picks magnetic chart holder was indispensable on the windy mountaintop! I love this tool


Knit Picks magnetic board 4 thumbs up!

Knit Picks magnetic board 4 thumbs up!



And here is what my daughter did when we got to the top


Rachael texting

Rachael texting



It was a great day all around, but I am very tired now. I took some great shots of my Luskentyre in the sunlight and some of the Alice Starmore yarns I carried up in my back pack also looked so beautiful in the sunlight I just have to share them here.





Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach just glowed!




Clover is definitely a favorite. Just gorgeous!




Spindrift has an understated elegance to it. A perfect backdrop.




The Limpet showed the most dramatic change in the sunlight. This color would be great for any of Alice’s solid color sweaters.

Here is my daughter and I. I told her I wanted to take one of those facebook pictures that I see on her page all the time. Instead I got this “Mom you are so weird” look. Sigh…..


Mom, you are so weird. Can't we just keep hiking???

Mom, you are so weird. Can't we just keep hiking???

I’m Going to Share Something Special With You

Something very special….

If you read the ‘About Me’ you know that my Grandma was the beginning of my love for knitting. She taught me the basics and helped me with my earliest projects. Many of the gifts she knit for the family are gone now, but my Mom came over the other night with something she found in her attic. It was a sweater that Grandma had knit. It has some holes in it and is somewhat rotted so I won’t be able to keep it, but I took some pictures for memories sake. I touched some of the stitches and smiled thinking they were most likely made in front of a Mets game, or maybe at my Mom’s kitchen table during a visit. ¬†So without further adu…. Here is one of Grandma’s sweaters.¬†


Grandma's Sweater

Grandma's Sweater

Note the signature TLC label! 


Made With TLC

Made With TLC

and here is the infamous Grandma Quintal most likely listening to a baseball game on the radio ūüôā


Grandma Quintal

Grandma Quintal