Episode 53 Sr Love Along

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast!

Today I share with you all my new stash and projects!


Tribute Baby Sweater by Heatherly Walker using Blackberry Ridge Fingering in Cream

Vanilla Socks using Knit Circus Greatest of Ease color way Mulberry Street Stripes

Woolly Wormhead’s 2015 Mystery Hat-a-Long using Spirit Trail Fiberworks Club CVM

The Camilla Shawl by Carrie Bostick Hoge using Fibre Company Canopy in the Acai color way


Abstract Washcloth from Dishcloth Diva

Olive Washcloth from Dishcloth Diva Knits On


Spinning Naturally Knitty Puni Style Rolags in the Bella Sky colorway on my supported spindles

Spinning Fuzzlings by Fondant Fibre on my Bosworth drop spindle

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