Episode 33 Senior Love Along

The Senior Love Along was a huge success. I can’t thank everyone enough for their contributions. The viewers, my co-workers, people from my knitting meetup group and my family. THANK YOU!!! To say the Seniors appreciated this is an understatement. I share the details and lots of pictures at the end of the podcast. I also have a great idea for next year and would love your feedback on that.


Socks for Marc using Socks That Rock Medium in the Rocktober color way

Marc’s sweater


Color Me Warm Mittens by Donna Druchunas Peace Fleece yarns

Cheerio necklace by Laura Nelkin – gone bad Redo


The Teacher Cowl Long Island Livestock Bulky weight and Wunsapana artyarn

Stash Enhancement


Fat Squirrel project bag Christmas Gnomes

Gourmet Stash Punis

Sakura 1oz

Holiday Aftermath 2 oz

Deep Snowfall 2 oz

Claire’s Distillations 2 oz

Stout Sock Yarn: 

Broken Ornaments 

O Smaug The Stupendous!

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