Episode 20 What Does the Rooster Say?

Hello all! Welcome to the Hudson Valley Knits Podcast.

Friendly reminder that my Senior Love Along continues on this year.  I am collecting cotton wash clothes to hand out to seniors living in homes during the holiday season. Please hold on to your washcloths until later in the year. There is an FO thread where you can post a picture of each of your washcloths. Each one you make is a chance to win a prize! I will be announcing prizes that I will provide very shortly and unashamedly ask for any prize donations. They would be very welcome and much appreciated!


Toatie Hottie by Kate Davies Designs. Love this cute little cozy. I bought the kit from Kate’s shop in the Madder and Cream colors. So close!!!


Hiroshima Peace Socks by Donna Druchunus. Double knit using Plucky Feet in the colors

Spinning – Spun up the batts I purchased at the Webs tent sale. One bat was practice for my long draw. Sadly too yucky to use for anything but I plied it anyway. I ended up using a hybrid long draw/short draw and I like the way it came out. I will 2 ply this.

Guardian of Air Shawl almost done with a sample and writing up the pattern. Anyone interested in test knitting?

The Teacher Cowl – Really quick and easy cowl. Great for using up any art yarn you may have in your stash. I will also be writing up this pattern.


Senior Love a Long washcloth

Shash Enhancements:

Got my Stories In Stitches 3 in the mail and will be reviewing soon!

Also purchased Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop which I can’t wait to read!

Super Stitches Knitting by Karen Hemingway

Cast On, Bind Off by Cap Sease

Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary by Wendy Bernard

You can purchase a copy of Walkable Westchester at this link

Plan on banging out a couple more washcloths this month and also will start planning out Marc’s aran sweater (Round 2)

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