Episode 11 Vogue Knitting Live!

This episode is all about Vogue Knitting Live. I’ll show all my new purchases and spend the second half of the podcast talking about my favorite parts of the event. Enjoy!

Here’s Links:

Artisan Lockspun Yarn from Wunsapana Farm

Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus Goldenrod and D Train Dreams

Superwash Merino Cashmere by LionBrand Slate, Wine, and Green Tea

Hedgehog Fibers Sock Yarn Wildflower Ooak

Loop Bat  Earth Mother


Lost City Knits

Foothills Fingering in the color Vintage

Twin Canyon in Cirillos and Silver Bells for my Guardian Of Air Shawl

4 thoughts on “Episode 11 Vogue Knitting Live!

  1. Amy! You enabler, you! Guess who is planning on doing some beautiful projects with Hedgehog fibers now? And your shawl is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. I have wondered about it in your intro, but OH MY GOSH when you held it up it took my breath away. I’m excited for your Against the Current shawl pattern, I will definitely be purchasing it! Blessings to you, it sounded like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Love your video podcast! Love the projects you’re working on, and also the Guardian of Air shawl you designed. It’s beautiful! Thanks for filming in different locations as well. I enjoy seeing where fibre artists spend so much time doing the crafts that they love. Which brings me to add, your chirping bird doesn’t bother me at all during your filming. In fact I had to chuckle, in the previous episode, when you got up to tell birdy to quiet down, and he/she listened! Your episodes are not long! I’m usually crafting while I listen/watch. Plus, I really think that Sandy should make an appearance! The more the merrier 🙂

  3. Amy,

    Thank you for such kind and supportive words for each of the four finalists in The Fiber Factor. Throughout the competition, we’ve been in our own little bubbles, designing and making pieces to present before judging panels, and we’ve had little idea of the impact we’ve had on or the responses felt by knitters–the very people we hope to reach. I’m happy you enjoyed your experience at VKL — it’s an exceptional event in an amazing city.
    Wishing you continued successes with both your designs and your podcast!

    • John, you are so welcome. Your work is so amazing and I truly hope to see more of your designs available. Following the Fiber Factor brought me to realize how tough being a designer can be but also how rewarding when your work is understood and appreciated. I’ll be watching you for sure! By the way, I must have that bag you made! I am mad in love with it!

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