Major Stash Enhancement!

My friends took me on a road trip for my birthday!! A road trip to WEBS! We had so much fun and the folks at the WEBS store are so wonderful and helpful.

Here we are on our way there.


And here I am all excited in front of the store!


The first thing we did was go to the warehouse portion to check out the sales and variety of yarn. To say its overwhelming is an under statement. There was so much to choose from but that’s ok, because I came prepared with my birthday money!

I got some cotton yarn to make some summer chemo hats for my MIL who is being treated for breast cancer. She asked for cotton so cotton she gets and her favorite colors are turquoise and teal and I found some beautiful ones there.


Here is the shopping cart. (Yes, shopping cart!) with some of our stuff in it.


and here is what I refered to as the “Decision Table”. It’s where we put stuff to mull over till we decided what we wanted.


It was soooo much fun there and everyone was so wonderful, helpful and friendly. Here we are on our way out with our loot.


We stopped on the way home for dinner and my friends treated me for my birthday!


Here are some pictures of my stash enhancement from WEBS:








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