Vogue Knitting Live Here I Come!

I am getting ready for Vogue Knitting Live!! I am so excited about this event. I signed up for it right away this year instead of dragging my feet. Last year I signed up late and the classes were practically full already. I ended up taking a class that wasn’t really worth it for me. This year I immediately signed up for a class on designing your own shawl.

Here is a picture of everything I will be bringing.

In the back is a shawl I made and designed called Guardian of Air because you can’t go to VKL and not show off a little! I am also bringing a project that I just cast on which is over on the left. It is a shawl designed by @Romi called Kleio. I am sure there will be time for knitting so I must bring that.

In the center  are  yarn and pattern ideas for the Shawl design class I a taking.  I am bringing Spirit Trail Fiberworks‘ Penelope yarn in the color Connemara. along with a swatch. This yarn is really beautiful and soft! I got this for Christmas from my sister Kim.

On the right is the pattern for another shawl designed by @Romi called Maia. I will be shopping for a yarn to make this with while I am there so I am bringing the picture and the yarn requirements.

Well that’s it. Got to get to bed and get some sleep before the exciting day!

Spirited away by a Shawl

I have some new favorites that I can’t keep my eyes off of! Before I go off on that, let me share what’s on the needles. I have 2 projects in the works now (technically more, but let’s not get into that, ok?). The first one I showed you the other day and that is Marc’s Fisherman sweater. I am ready to start the armholes and just need to wait until I have enough time and quiet to really concentrate on it. Maybe tomorrow when everyone is at work.

I also have the Spectra scarf on the needles which I am loving. It is simple to knit but so interesting in the construction. Brilliant!

I am also excited about my projects that I have yet to begin. I found a shawl designer that I just love! Her name is @Romi and her designs are right up my alley. All the lacy shawls one finds on Ravelry are beautiful and delicate and make that special entrance when we wear them. That is great, but they are starting to all look the same. I am looking for a shawl that says “warm, snuggle, practical, texture, deep, rich, and simple in it’s design”. I found it. I didn’t recently hear of Romi, I have seen and admired her work for a while but it wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I was blown away by one of her designs that is even named yet. She is referring to it as “Muse 5” and it will be included in her most recent e-booklette 7 Small Shawls Year 2. This is a book in progress which currently has 2 of the patterns released so far with the rest to follow in the coming months. I went ahead and ordered it because the 2 that are released so far are also absolutely gorgeous! I have found something to use my most precious yarns for.

Speaking of precious yarns I have a new favorite brand of yarn. I love all her yarns and all her colors. It is Spirit Trail Fiberworks and her yarns are simply to die for. I like them better than Artyarns which says a lot! I have a nice amount of Spirit Trail yarns in my stash too and I plan on using it for Romi’s shawls and I alsoto design my own shawl as one of my Gaian Tarot inspired designs.
Here are some pictures of my WIP and the beautiful Spirit Trail yarns that I currently have.

Elder of Water Sweater for Marc

I have been working on Marc’s sweater now that the holiday knitting is done (I’ll get into that next post, but I am really happy with it!). I am almost ready for armholes and considering that this is not blocked, I think my measurements are pretty spot on. What I am worried about really is the arm hole shaping and knitting the actual sleeves. Marc would like Set in sleeves with a Saddle which I am a little nervous about. Gosh I hope it works! So I am off now. Marc and i are going for a walk by the river. It is rare we ever have a day off together. Then we will hang at the Peekskill Coffee House where I will read up on the shaping in Aran Sweater Design by Janet Szabo and make plans for Marc’s sleeves!