My first Cable Project

My first cable project has a sad ending I’m afraid. My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was little. For the most part I did very simple projects and whenever something went wrong I always went to Grandma and she would fix it for me. So, when I finally graduated college and had more time on my hands I decided to begin a project that I had always dreamed of and that was an Aran knit sweater. I went to the LYS and spent a pretty penny on some yarn and as usual, Grandma cast on for me (yes, I couldn’t even cast on myself). I had completed most of the pieces and with some mistakes that Grandma would fix for me. Sadly before I could finish, Grandma passed away. I kept knitting but for some reason I felt I couldn’t do it without Grandma’s help. I didn’t know how to finish it or do the hood. I put it away and every so often would take out the unfinished sweater and think of Grandma. The sweater got lost one year during a move (and the pattern with it) and it makes me so sad. I really would have liked to finish it to make Grandma proud.

I have since come a long way with my knitting and become very self sufficient in fixing and finishing projects, but every time I work on a project with cables, I always start to miss my Grandma.


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