Remember This?

Remember this project?

I started it quite a few years ago for myself but it got stowed away in the closet unfinished due to promises to other people. Well I decided to bring it back out for a change of pace.


It is the Luskentyre Cardigan by Alice Starmore my most favoritest designer ever. Her work is pure art from her yarn line Virtual Yarns. Her colors are taken from her natural surroundings and have names such as Driftwood, GOlden Plover and WIld Orchid. Limpet is one of my favorites. Such a beautiful Deep purple color


My first Cable Project

My first cable project has a sad ending I’m afraid. My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was little. For the most part I did very simple projects and whenever something went wrong I always went to Grandma and she would fix it for me. So, when I finally graduated college and had more time on my hands I decided to begin a project that I had always dreamed of and that was an Aran knit sweater. I went to the LYS and spent a pretty penny on some yarn and as usual, Grandma cast on for me (yes, I couldn’t even cast on myself). I had completed most of the pieces and with some mistakes that Grandma would fix for me. Sadly before I could finish, Grandma passed away. I kept knitting but for some reason I felt I couldn’t do it without Grandma’s help. I didn’t know how to finish it or do the hood. I put it away and every so often would take out the unfinished sweater and think of Grandma. The sweater got lost one year during a move (and the pattern with it) and it makes me so sad. I really would have liked to finish it to make Grandma proud.

I have since come a long way with my knitting and become very self sufficient in fixing and finishing projects, but every time I work on a project with cables, I always start to miss my Grandma.