Sheep Shearing Baaaaaa

I had such a great time at the shearing event that the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm put on today! They had an open house at their beautiful farm located about 40 minutes from my home. I noticed while walking up the street lined with parked cars, licensees from Conn., Mass, and even Virginia! People were there from all over. It was really neat to see how the shearer handled the sheep. This can not be an easy job! And those sheep held in all sorts of contorted positions! How hilarious! It was great to watch! 

Pete the Sheep Shearer

Sheep Shearing

They had a pot luck lunch as well and asked people to bring a dish. Let me inform you  that I am not a good cook! My husband who is a professional chef does all the cooking in our house. I asked him for some ideas last night of what I could bring and he said, “Honey, if you are going there to make friends maybe you better not cook” LOL! He’s right! But, with his help and guidance, we put together a chicken curry salad that was quite delicious! It seemed to be a big hit, so I was very pleased.

Pot Luck Lunch

After watching a few of the shearing, I wandered around the beautiful property. It reminds me of upstate where my sister and parents live. There are streams and a pond, chickens running around, a bridge over the running water, beautiful lilac tree and just a serene, relaxing setting.


Beautiful Streams

Lilacs are my favorite!

Perfect for knitting! I worked a lot on my Luskentyre. I was also very flattered to be interviewed by Cat and Eric from Lets Knit 2gether. They were there covering this event and Cat came over and complimented me on my work. It was very nice to meet both of them. I love their video podcasts and admire all the work they do to bring this to the knitting community so when they asked if they could put me on their show, I was honored. 

Luskentyre Progress

My daughter came with me and was a trooper. Even though it was not her scene, she stayed and didn’t complain. She did take a little nappy in her chair though….


All in all what a great day! A big thank you to Susan and Pat for opening their home to everyone. It was really wonderful! I end it with the most deliciously cute cupcakes I have ever seen