I’m Going to Share Something Special With You

Something very special….

If you read the ‘About Me’ you know that my Grandma was the beginning of my love for knitting. She taught me the basics and helped me with my earliest projects. Many of the gifts she knit for the family are gone now, but my Mom came over the other night with something she found in her attic. It was a sweater that Grandma had knit. It has some holes in it and is somewhat rotted so I won’t be able to keep it, but I took some pictures for memories sake. I touched some of the stitches and smiled thinking they were most likely made in front of a Mets game, or maybe at my Mom’s kitchen table during a visit.  So without further adu…. Here is one of Grandma’s sweaters. 


Grandma's Sweater

Grandma's Sweater

Note the signature TLC label! 


Made With TLC

Made With TLC

and here is the infamous Grandma Quintal most likely listening to a baseball game on the radio 🙂


Grandma Quintal

Grandma Quintal

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