Still Knitting

I know I haven’t been blogging in a while, but I assure you I have been knitting. Knitting the Luskentyre pretty much exclusively. It is looking so nice. I haven’t posted for a while because I wanted to have a substantial amount of progress to show you and because I can’t find my camera! So, I am posting a pic taken with my iPhone. It is the best shot I can get for now, but you can see how it is coming a long at least.




I am so in love with these colors and the feel of this wool. In the future I will be ordering her wool instead of Jamieson’s as long as the exchange rate stays down. It is much less expensive but just as impressive.

I also wanted to show you the finished Baby Kimono. My MIL sewed the buttons on for me because I really can’t sew and underneath the buttons we put snaps instead of ribbons. I had been holding off giving it to them so I could get a pic, but couldn’t wait any more so I took a pic with my iPhone. I also took it at work so the lighting is all yellow. Sorry! DJ (the Daddy) promises to take some pictures of Trishden (the Baby) wearing it for me and I will share them here.


Baby Kimono sideways

Baby Kimono sideways



Don’t you just love the cute little Teddybear buttons!

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