New Stuff on the Needles

I managed to get some knitting in this weekend. Not as much as I had thought, but a nice amount. I started off by winding all my hanks of yarn from my Luskentyre kit from Virtual Yarns. I was totally loving all the beautiful colors. I thought I would be able to get all the winding done and the swatch, but that was not happening. Took me all night to wind the yarn.


Luskentyre Kit

Luskentyre Kit

I am sure everyone that has knit with her yarns will say that pictures don’t do her colors justice. They have a luminescence to them. My favorite colors from this kit are Golden Plover and Machair, but they are all stunning. So here is the picture of the swatch done on US2. Only had to go down one size.


Luskentyre Swatch

Luskentyre Swatch

 I also managed to get a start on Rachael’s Autumn Rose finally. It is now officially on the needles. 


Just the beginning

Just the beginning

Not much to look at yet. Just had time to get some of the ribbing done, but at least it is started. Once I get this a good way along, I will start something else.

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