Ready for the weekend!


I finished the gauge swatch for the Duxbury Point Pullover. This sweater is for Marc and will take a long time to make but I think I will really enjoy the pattern. I had originally started the swatch knitting continental and found I was knitting very tight so I switched back to English and it ended up much better. I guess I will have to knit the sweater by throwing. I will cast on for it this weekend. This project is very special. It will be the first sweater I make for my husband and it must be perfect!

Duxbury Swatch

Duxbury Swatch



I also need to cast on Rachael’s Autumn Rose sweater this weekend. I really want to get it moving. This one should be the priority as her birthday comes before Marc’s. I will knit it with the US5’s This is way larger needle size than suggested, but I am using Knit Picks Palette, so it may be due to the different yarn. BTW I love the Palette yarn. Can’t wait to show you some progress on this one.

Alba sweater is still on hold. I am rather forlorn about it. I was really believing I would love the colors. When I get some of my other projects going I will play around with it some more in order to get the right mix of colors. I did get a scan of the original colors that the Rowan pattern used from a friend on Ravelry and that will help when choosing replacement colors if necessary. I may keep the Prussian Blue and just change the Cinnamon and Sandelwood. Hopefully that will do the trick.

I have saved the best for last. I received my package from Virtual Yarns yesterday!!!










What gorgeous colors. I can’t wait to knit this sweater up. It will be so much fun. The yarn was very nicely packaged. When I opened it I was so impressed. I can’t wait to swatch it up tonight. This is the first thing I will do when I get home from work! Well maybe I should clean up the house a bit first…. Nah!

One thought on “Ready for the weekend!

  1. What beautiful projects you are starting. Duxbury point is one of my favourites too not to talk about Luskentyre. Great photo of the yarn and colors.

    ravelry: villaaylle

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