Victoria in the Emma Peel Dress

Just got home from a wonderful evening with friends. Brings it home how lucky we are and what is truly important in life. We had a wonderful time and as I suspected Victoria couldn’t wait to try on her new dress. So without further delay, Here is Victoria showing us the Emma Peel dress!


Victoria wearing the Emma Peel dress

Victoria wearing the Emma Peel dress

The other day I showed my delight in receiving my package with the yarn for my Alba Jacket. As you may have guessed, I knit up a swatch right away. Stayed up until 1 am because I couldn’t wait to see how the colors look together. And…..I don’t like it 😦  It is just not right.  Please tell me what you think. I can’t really afford to buy more yarn. I think the problem is the Prussian Blue is too ‘bright’ for all the warm colors I picked. Here is a picture of the swatch. 


Alba Swatch

Alba Swatch

The Prussian blue is that bright blue in the background of the browns.  All together I just don’t think it transitions nicely. It looks different then it did when I knit it with the Spindrift. Here was the original swatch.


Alba Swatch in Spindrift instead of DK

Alba Swatch in Spindrift instead of DK

Here I used a charcole grey instead of Prussian Blue. Sigh….I will try to figure something out using the colors I have. I will have to think on this.

I continue to swatch for Marc’s Duxbury Pullover. I just started the cable swatch. I will post some pictures when it is done. It is dawning on me that it will take a long time to get it done. It is a fingering weight yarn I am knitting it with, but I think I will enjoy the pattern very much and the yarn is beautiful. It is Simply Shetland Silk Lambswool.

One thought on “Victoria in the Emma Peel Dress

  1. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but maybe you can just rearrange the colors if you don’t like the way it looks right now? I think they all look great together, so it might just take some tweaking as to what is next to what.

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