My YaRn is Here!!!!

Oh, thank the Yarn Gods! My Jamieson DK has safely arrived from Canada. As I previously posted, Nina from CVF put a tracer on my package and sure enough it was stuck in customs! That was Tuesday. I got the package today and am so relieved. She was so nice too. She refunded me my shipping charges and gave me a call tonight to see if it got here ok.




I will start a swatch this weekend so we can see how my new colors will look. I can’t wait!!!!

Well tonight was our knitting meetup night and there was a nice turnout. I brought the swatch I am working on for Marc’s Duxbury Point sweater. This sweater is going to take a long time to knit. The Simply Shetland Silk and Lambswool is like a fingering weight. I am going to knit this top down too. Should be fun!

This picture doesn’t show the detail well, but this is really going to be beautiful. I can’t wait to do the cable swatch to see how this yarn cables. I think it is going to be well worth the time and money. I will have to be real careful not to make mistakes though! Could be detrimental!


Filler Stitch for Gauge - Duxbury Point

Filler Stitch for Gauge - Duxbury Point



I also have progressed nicely on MIL’s Fair Isle Cardigan. Here is how far up the body I have gotten. Did most of this during Dancing With the Stars! 🙂


CYO Fair Isle for MIL

CYO Fair Isle for MIL

I ask myself now what is my plan going forward.

  • I have Mr Foster on the needles and would like to get him done, but he is not a priority. Sorry Mr Foster 😦
  • I will do the swatch for Alba Jacket, but can’t start it until MIL Cardigan is done.
  • I will start Marc’s Duxbury Point
  • I will start Rachael’s Autumn Rose – this will ease my Fair Isle itch
  • I really would like to get some socks going too. Nothing fancy, just some ribbed socks. We’ll see.


I almost forgot! I fixed up the seams for the Baby Kimono. I think it looks 100 times better. I will block it again and iron it a bit and I think this will make it nice and smooth. Now all I need to do is weave in the ends and get some ribbon.


Baby Kimono

Baby Kimono

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