New Beginnings

This week has been the week of new starts. Although I did not knit much this week, I did get a little in. For starters, I was able to get my Mr Foster sock monkey started. This is a kit that Knit Picks was selling and the kits sold out in less than 2 weeks! Glad I got mine. I think he is adorable. Here are his 2 arms. I know. Not much to look at yet.


Mr. Foster's arms

Mr. Foster's arms

I actually had a rough start with the arms but was able to get help on the KAL forum at the Knit Picks Ning site. I am actually learning new techniques by knitting this little guy. Figure 8 cast on is one of them.  I am really enjoying this!  I have decided I am going to put some wire in Mr Foster to make him posable. 

The other thing I started was the body of my Color Your Own sweater for my MIL. I am forcing myself to trudge along with this project. I will be more exciting once I start with the color work. I am hoping to get this done quick. I know my first one didn’t take long at all.


Color Your Own

Color Your Own

I still have not gotten my package from Camilla Valley Farms! I am getting so anxious. It has been 3 weeks since she sent it. If I don’t get it today I am going to give her a call. Hopefully she has some tracking on it and kind find out where the package is.

I have not started Rachael’s Autumn Rose (AR) yet. I may get that on the needles this weekend. I did get all my charts made up though. I have the entire sweater color charted on my computer specific to her size. This will make it a lot easier. The charts in the book are so small it is ridiculous! 

Not much to talk about. Hopefully I will be posting my Alba color swatch soon and showing you the beginnings of the AR.

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