What’s happening to me?

I have finished up a few projects now and really enjoyed knitting each one of them. I have knit more in the past 6 months than I have in my life! I don’t know what happened, but suddenly I can’t get enough knitting. I think going to Rhinebeck last year was a trigger. I just can’t figure out how I went years without knitting!

I have knit sporadically over the years and enjoyed it. I think if I had more money and time I most likely would have knit a lot more over the years, but honestly I had little of either. Barely made ends meet and being a single Mom for 12 years, I had little time for myself. Now my kids are 22 and 15 (HUH!?!?!?) and I don’t have to pay babysitters and child care more than half my pay to watch my kids anymore. No more unruly (my son was the unruly one!)  kids taking up most of my time and attention. Now both my kids are doing well, I make more money and I am happily and peacefully married to the most wonderful man.  So what better to fill my time with other than creating beautiful things? I can’t wait to make all the projects on my list for this year! It is exciting! 

So here is a list of why I am loving knitting so much lately:

  • I love making beautiful things! It gives me great satisfaction. When I was younger and knit something I would make mistakes and just keep knitting. Not caring to fix. Now I am getting pleasure and pride by putting effort into making things well and paying attention to detail. 
  • Knitted items are gifts of love. My Mom loved the shawl I made her for her birthday. She rubbed that soft mohair against her face and looked at me with tearful eyes. She knew the time I had put into this gift of love and her reaction was all I needed to make every second worth it.
  • Challenges. Yes, I love learning new things and I am very good at picking things up easily. I can do this because that is how I have had to learn over the years. I could never afford classes for anything, so I would go to Barnes and Nobles or the library and read books. An example of this is my Color Your Own Sweater. This is the first sweater I ever made for myself and I learned how by reading Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified by Ann and Eugene Bourgeois. What a great feeling! Now I am stepping it up and will be making Autumn Rose and Alba Jacket which will be much more intricate than my first Fair Isle sweater.  I will do all I can to make sure they look perfect!
  • The recognition or shall I say, My Ego loves hearing the ooohs and aaaahs. It is nice.
  • It’s meditative. It flows and takes my mind away from stress. It relaxes me.
  • I like being creative. When I was playing around with color to plan my Alba jacket it was fun! I loved switching and playing around with the colors.

That is all I can think of but I am sure I could come up with more in time.

Here is Mom with that shawl on her birthday:


Mom's birthday present

Mom's birthday present

and here is that first sweater I completed. The Color Your Own Sweater


Color Your Own

Color Your Own

I don’t have much progress to report. I finished the dress for Victoria and I will block the Baby Kimono this weekend and then sew it up. I did get my Mr Foster kit in the mail today. This will be a fun little project for the side.  I also know I have made the commitment to finish the Color Your Own for my MIL before I start my Alba Jacket. I have finished both sleeves and now must cast on for the body. I am going to make the cardigan so I will have steeks up the middle. This will be my first cardigan. So you will be hearing about the Cardigan for a while now. I have not yet received the yarn for the Alba yet. It has been 2 weeks! I also have everything I need to begin the Autumn Rose which I will start soon. Maybe this weekend.


Until then, happy knitting everyone!

3 thoughts on “What’s happening to me?

  1. I stumbled upon your blog several weeks ago and just love the way you write. I wonder if you are or were a journalist at some point.

  2. Oh heck no. I am a systems analyst. As a matter of fact I was never a good writer, but thanks so much. Glad you enjoy it!

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