Check it out!

I got a lot done today and am very pleased. I actually finished most of the Baby Kimono last night. Just need to block and add ribbon. This is a great quick and easy baby gift to make. I will keep this pattern handy for future babys. I will try to get a picture of DJ’s son wearing the sweater up here eventually, because we all know it’s the Babies we want to see. They are so precious!


Baby Kimono

Baby Kimono

I also finished the Emma Peel dress for Victoria. The yarn arrived on Friday and even though it was of a different lot, it blended wonderfully. You can’t see any difference. This is another great quick and easy gift for little girls. Easy yet just interesting enough not to be boring. Great project! I also liked the Classic Elite Pebbles. It was a great yarn to work with. It even frogged well. This was important as a couple of miscounts made me have to frog a few times in the same spot. The yarn was still full and fluffy. Not ‘beat up’ from being frogged so many times.


Emma Peel

Emma Peel

I don’t know when I will see Victoria to give her this gift. It is already too late for her birthday which was in January.  I am sure before the summer. I am going to pair it with a pair of leggings and a nice t-shirt to wear underneath. I will of course have pictures of her posing. She is very good at posing!


Victoria and my husband posing :)

Victoria and my husband posing 🙂

So I ask myself what is next. Well there are plenty of exciting projects. First and foremost I have resolved to finish my MIL’s Color Your Own Sweater so that will be my number one focus now.

I also have the yarn to start my daughter Rachael’s Autumn Rose. I may cast this on just to have something to work on once in a while. I will also work on tweaking the charts. I hate the way they chart the pattern. It is silly if you ask me. So small there is  not possible way I can follow it! Must create my own and I prefer to use colored charts with the color letter in the box, not some silly symbol. So I will polish that up and print it out so I can get moving on that.

Lets not forget the Alba Jacket! This is the project that has become the most anticipated. It will be my first Starmore pattern and definitely  a step up for me as far as skills are concerned. I intend to take my time with it and do an impeccable job.  VERY excited about this! When the yarn does come I will knit up a swatch for gauge, but then it will have to wait until I finish the CYO. It will be my incentive.

We are expecting a storm here in the North East and that means good knitting weather!

chao for now!

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