Kind of off topic

I didn’t get any knitting done today. I ended up running all over the place because my daughter got sick. Took her to the Dr and it turns out she has strep throat. She was real bummed about this and will be missing her friends Sweet 16 party tonight!  Anyway, while I was waiting for the subscription to be filled, I decided to run to this LYS while my daughter sat in the car and at the chicken soup I got her at the deli. Low and behold they had a copy of Sweaters From Camp by Meg Swansen, Amy Detjen and Joyce Williams! I’m sorry, make that 2 copies! This book is OOP and hard to find now so I bought them both. If someone needs it they can buy it from me.

So, that was the only pleasant thing about today. I went back to the pharmacy and they say they did not get the script from the Dr yet (He sends it over the internet via his Palm! Neat eh?). We call the office and they are closed now! I called Rachael’s Dad and told him to get ahold of that Dr and have him call it in. While we are waiting the woman decides to try rebooting her computer and it worked. There were other prescriptions that never came through as well. So, I call back Rachael’s Dad and tell him not to worry. 

The prescription gets filled and the Pharmacist runs it through insurance and gets ‘rejected’. Huh?! Call back the Dad. Why did you cancel your insurane!!?? He says he didn’t, but the very nice Pharmacist (God bless her, she was so helpful) tells me not to worry. Work it out with your insurance and she will rebill on Monday. What a crazy day! 

Rachael is home now (she lives with her Dad) and I am back at my house now quite exhausted. (Rachael woke me up at 5:30 this morning crying about the pain in her throat).  Whew, what a day! 

edited to add:

Here is my daughter on a day when she was feeling well






Anyone looking for a copy of Sweaters From Camp? 🙂

One thought on “Kind of off topic

  1. Sounds like tough day. Things never seem to go right when kids are sick. Good score on the book, sounds like a prize.

    I hope tomorrow treats you better.

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