Baby Kimono

My little baby kimono for my coworkers baby is really coming along nice. It is such a simple pattern, yet it is unique too. I am pretty sure that I will have enough yarn for a little pair of booties when I am done. The pattern is knitting up nicely in the Reynolds Rapture. It is so soft. My husband keeps asking to touch it and asked for something knit up with this yarn. I told him the cost and he quickly changed his mind 😉


Baby Kimono Sweater. One side left to knit.

Baby Kimono Sweater. One side left to knit.

I am hoping to get the Pebbles yarn I am waiting for from Webs today or tomorrow so I can finish both the Baby sweater and the Emma Peel dress for Victoria this weekend. Then I will focus on Rachael’s Autumn Rose and MIL’s Color Your Own. Maybe a pair of socks thrown in there somewhere. 

I am still waiting for the Jamieson DK to come in so I can knit that swatch for the Alba sweater. Test of patience there for sure. I am very excited to knit this project.

Hopefully my next post will have 2 FO’s to show you. Baby Kimono and Emma Peel!

2 thoughts on “Baby Kimono

  1. That’s really nice of you to knit something for a co-worker’s baby, I hope they appreciate how much time and effort went into it. It’s looking really cute!

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