May run out of yarn

I am almost done with the Emma Peel dress for Victoria and I am almost certain I will run out of yarn. I went ahead and ordered more from Webs. I just hope the lots aren’t noticeably different.


Just the front shaping left to do

Just the front shaping left to do

I am also very excited about starting some new projects. I have ordered lots of new yarns and have received a lot of it already. All will be used to knit projects in my 2009 plan.

First package was from Knit Picks. I ordered their Palette yarns to make the Autumn Rose Sweater for Rachael.


Knit Picks Palette for Autumn Rose

Knit Picks Palette for Autumn Rose

You can see the swatch I knit this weekend using US2 which is what the pattern suggests. I had to go all the way up to 5s and I am still not getting gauge. I wonder if it is the yarn? I really don’t want to go higher than 5. I also think my sweater will have more tension than the swatch and it will be fine. I will get started on this maybe next weekend. I would like to finish the Emma Peel dress and get started on the Baby Kimono first.

I also bought some Simply Shetland Silk & Lambswool in Ardvreck colorway. It is a beautiful coppery brown perfect for Marc!  I was able to get it at a huge discount through the sale at Suzoo’s Wool Works. Great prices and free shipping!


To use for the Duxbury Point Pullover for Marc

To use for the Duxbury Point Pullover for Marc

I will not start this till much later. Marc’s birthday is not until December, so I have plenty of time. 

I am still waiting for the Jamieson’s DK from Camilla Valley Farms. As soon as that comes in I will knit up a swatch for gauge on the Alba Jacket. Can’t wait to see how that comes out!  I have made a commitment to finish the Fair Isle sweater for my MIL before I start the Alba Jacket. I really need to get that thing done. I think it will be very uplifting for my MIL. She has been in a slump lately. 

Lots of new stuff coming on the needles soon!

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