Motoring Along!

I am quite confident I will have Victoria’s dress done by the end of the week.  If I hadn’t  of won this yarn I would never had made this dress. I don’t knit with cotton and the dress did not originally appeal to me. Now that I am more than half way through, I must say I am glad I did make it. It is not so bad knitting with this cotton yarn. I love the way the fabric feels. The colors are beautiful and I can see Victoria wearing this with a pair of pink leggings and a t-shirt underneath.  Here we are so far. I would say about half way there.


Victoria's Dress

Victoria's Dress

Now about the color swatch for my special project this year, the Alba Jacket. I had all but 2 colors to create a swatch and be able to decide if the colors I chose would work when knitted up. I ordered from a US vendor and, well it was a bad choice. I won’t name the vendor, but I will say I won’t be ordering there again. If I need Spindrift in the future I will order from Schoolhouse Press.  They ended up sitting on my order for a week. If I hadn’t of sent them an email it may have been longer. They replied saying they would mail it out the next day. I email and leave a vm asking them to expedite the shipping and that I would pay the difference.  I never heard back from them and my order was not expedited. I hate being ignored.

I ordered the Jamieson’s DK from Camilla Valley Farms. I would prefer to keep it in the US, but don’t want to chance that bad experience again. I have ordered from CVF a few times and always had great service. Another great buying experience was with SheEweKnits, but unfortunately she does not carry Jamieson DK.

While I was still waiting for these 2 colors to arrive I was alerted to a yarn sale from Marina on Ravelry. I went to the link and scapped up many of the colors I would need for a lot less! I saved about 40% off my purchase. It was a great deal and I am so grateful for the kindness and generosity many of the people show on Ravelry to help other knitters. Very inspiring. Eventually my 2 skeins of Spindrift came and I was able to knit up the color swatch. Glad I did because there were some colors that needed to be changed. It just wasn’t flowing. If you look at the band with the blue and browns towards the bottom, you will see my original color picks. It was too choppy and didn’t flow. The Cinnamon in the center was too dark as was the Chestnut. Also the blue I picked (Highland Mist) was too close to the China Blue in the center and was not letting the China Blue stand out.

 I replaced the Cinnamon with Sandlewood and then moved the Cinnamon to take the place of the Chestnut. I took out Highland Mist all together and used Twilight which is a little darker and lets the China Blue catch your eye. You can see the revised colors on the top. I did not have enough to knit a whole new swatch so I had to improvise. 


Alba Color Swatch

Alba Color Swatch

Here is a close up of the revised colors


Close up

Close up

I have had so much fun playing with the colors and creating this color scheme. I am rather proud of myself. It would not have been possible without the generous donation of samples from Marina though.  That was such a tremendous help.

Oh, by the way, I finally can return the book THe Celtic Collection by  Alice Starmore to the library. I found a copy at B&N up in Poughkeepsie. I was worried I would not be able to get a copy. I had ordered from Amazon, but they quickly changed the ship date to unknown which means one thing. They can no longer get the book. I think I got my copy just in time!

I also ordered Palette yarn from KnitPicks to make Autumn Rose for my DD Rachael. I will post pictures when that package arrives. I am so grateful for Knit Picks. There is no way I would be able to afford all this knitting without their affordable yarns. Just for comparison, the wool for Rachael’s sweater would have cost $110 if I purchased the recommended wool. With Knit Picks Palette it only cost me $40! This is not cheap wool either. It is a very decent wool to work with. The only draw back is the smaller color choices, but I hear they will be expanding the number of colors some time this year to about 80 different colors. This is not as many as Jamieson’s 190 colors, but it sure does open the creative opportunities even more. I just can’t say enough about Knit Picks!

That’s it for now. Hopefully I will be swimming in new yarn next time you hear from me!

One thought on “Motoring Along!

  1. Thanks for the compliments on the yarn. It still isn’t dry yet so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when it dries and I try to knit with it! I got the nickel plated needles because a woman in my knitting group has had a lot of problems with the wooden ones coming loose from the metal cap (even ones she’s never used!) So far I’ve been really pleased with the nickel ones. If you make sure to tighten them well when you attach the needles then they work great. The cables are really supple, even more so than the Addi cables.

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