Time to switch it up

Well, I spent the whole day cleaning and doing laundry and now it is time to relax with some knitting. I have been working primarily on Victoria’s dress and have a bit to show for it. 


Victoria's dress

Victoria's dress

Tonight I am going to work on the Fair Isle sweater for my MIL. It is a Philosopher Wool Color Your Own sweater.  I know  I have said this before, but I will say it again. I love their wool, I love this pattern and their colors are beautiful. The different patterns are easy to memorize and that makes this a relaxing project. I have until her birthday in August to finish so their is no rush. It is nice to work on when other projects start to get a little dull.

I am working on the sleeves. I will most likely be able to finish the second sleeve tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I will cast on the body. I will be making this a cardigan sweater so I will have to steek the front and the sleeves. I have never done a button band. This will be the first. It will be a good piece for the first go. The worsted weight yarn should make it a bit easier.


Color Your Own Fair Isle

Color Your Own Fair Isle

I did take a little break during the day and played with my ball winder and swift. I was after all cleaning out the closet and organizing my yarn is a part of that. It was very meditative. I really enjoyed it. Made me want to wind up all my hanks but I just did the Rapture yarn that I will be using for my coworkers Baby Kimono sweater from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. Here are the colors. I will use the green as a trim and if there is any left I will make a little hat and booties.


Reynolds Rapture for Baby Kimono Sweater

Reynolds Rapture for Baby Kimono Sweater

That’s it for now. Time to turn on my audio book and knit!

3 thoughts on “Time to switch it up

  1. Housework before knitting? You are so disciplined.

    Gorgeous projects all, I love the colors you picked for the Baby Kimono sweater.

    If I can ask, what audio book are you listening to?

  2. I know, I know, highly unusual, but it needed to be done. I actually cleaned out the walk in closet. Took me all day!

    I am listing to The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. It is a book I read years ago and all I remembered was I loved it. It is very “Lord of the Rings” type story.

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