Keeping with my plans



I made a tentative plan for 2009 and by golly, I’m sticking with it! I have started knitting the Emma Peel dress for little Victoria. I cast on last night and got a lot done. I think this will be a quick knit. I am knitting it in the round. I really like this Pebbles Classic Elite Yarn. I have never knit with cotton before, but it’s not so bad. It slides quickly on my Addis. I think it will end up being a cute dress. Here it is so far.


Emma dress for Victoria

Emma dress for Victoria

I finally finished the Wave socks. Finished them during the Super Bowl the other night. That was a great game BTW. It was a learning experience and did not come out perfect. So, what did I learn?


  • When knitting multicolored socks, keep the stranded wool very loose in the back otherwise it will be difficult to get on
  • Don’t knit while sleepy. You may mess up the pattern.
  • check the number of stitches every once and a while
  • Don’t knit during a good football game


Here I am modeling them.


Wave Socks

Wave Socks



Can you see where I messed up the pattern?

Can you see where I messed up the pattern?

I am very excited about receiving a ball winder and swift today. I bought it from someone on Ravelry for a great buy! It was like getting the Ball winder for free. I am very grateful for this. It will come in very handy and it can be pricy. The swift is even wood.


Ball winder and swift

Ball winder and swift

3 thoughts on “Keeping with my plans

  1. And did you know that she made the socks for me!! Her FAVORITE sister! I’m good with the shawl by the way…thanks for nothing!


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