Dreaming about colors

You know you have gotten too obsessed about Fair Isle when you start dreaming about colors. I have been really involved with planning a new project. I saw the Alba Jacket by Alice Starmore in her book The Celtic Collection and fell in love.  Since this time, I have made a lot of choices and have changed my mind just as much!

I tried to take my time and plan it well, but I may have jumped the gun a wee bit. Money is tight, so I was going to wait until after the tax return before starting it, but I really needed to see the yarn colors in person. I had also planned on making it with Spindrift. I had checked other people that had made this sweater and many of them used Spindrift.  Another knitter from Ravelry generously went through her stash and mailed me samples of many of the colors I was interested in, plus quite a few other colors. She also sent me 2 hanks of Jamieson DK. I ordered the rest of the colors from SheEweKnits and planned on just making a swatch for Gauge and to see how the colors turned out in the pattern. 

It wasn’t until after I got the yarn from Marina and knit up this hat for Victoria with it that I decided to use DK to make the sweater. Since I already had most of the colors now in Spindrift I went ahead and ordered 2 more that I need to make a color swatch in Spindrift as well. I have spent about $40 already on yarn I won’t use for the sweater. Not so good, but lesson learned.


Victoria hat made with Jamieson DK

Victoria hat made with Jamieson DK

So not only have I changed my mind on the yarn to use, but also the colors. Since getting the Spindrift and looking at it (see previous post) I have changed my mind. Here is an idea of what it may look like. Keep in mind I won’t know really until I get the 2 missing colors and knit up a swatch.



edited to add: I really did dream about colors last night!

2 thoughts on “Dreaming about colors

  1. Kim, you don’t understand! I couldn’t help it! I will stop by today to help you with that shawl. Got any money I can borrow???? 😉

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