No Second Sock Syndrome for me!

I know I said in my last post that I would not start the second sock right now.   Well, the first one felt so soft and warm on my foot that I couldn’t bear to wait any longer and started knitting the second one. This yarn is so soft, I just love it! It is KnitPicks Gloss.

Here is where I am at now with the socks. Currently working on the gussett.


Wave Socks

Wave Socks

I need to get a size 5 needle to make the dress for Victoria. I wonder if I should use 24″ or 32″. The pattern is written flat, but I will knit it in the round. and switch to back and forth when I get to the arm holes. That will be my next project. 

I should be getting some Jamieson Spindrift sample in the mail soon. A wonderful person on Ravelry is sending me some of her leftovers so I can at least do a gauge swatch and see what the colors look like. I had to order some full skeins from SheEweKnits to complete the color pallet. I can’t wait to see how it looks. I also found a copy of Simply Shetland 4 so I can make an Autumn Rose Sweater for Rachael. I will be able to make this sweater for under $40 using KnitPicks Palette yarn! You can’t beat that! If I made it with the suggested yarn, it would cost $115. I can afford to make so much more projects because of Knitpicks. They are great!

So that’s it for now. Nothing new and exciting.

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