Update on the Wave Socks

Just a little update on the wave socks. I am still on the first one. Almost done. This yarn is Gloss from Knitpicks and it is wonderful. I love the colors and the yarn is sooooo soft. I recommend it highly, but with one minor criticism. It is so soft it slides right through my fingers and I find it hard to keep tension on the yarn.

I know I swore I would never do the second sock syndrome thing, but I may knit a plain ribbed pair after this. I need something mindless I can pull out once in a while that only uses one color. Here is the first sock.


Wave Sock

Wave Sock

Here it is on my foot so you can see how far I have left to go.


The first Wave Sock

The first Wave Sock

On another note, I had to frog the St Brigid sweater I started with the Lopi Lite. My cast on was twisted and I didn’t notice until the fifth row. It’s ok. I am still on the fence with this. I can’t make up my mind if I should use the Lopi or order some Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks.

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