Plans set for 2009

OK, I have a tentative schedule for 2009. It is very ambitious, but of all the projects, only 4 are “must do’s”

I broke them out between big projects and little ones. The intention is that I can have a couple of small projects going and one major one. First the “must do’s”

  1. The Emma Peet dress for Victoria. This will be next. I ordered the book from the library and as soon as it comes in I will start this. Should be a quickie.
  2. Autumn Rose for Rachael. This will be next in queue. Will be for her birthday but want to ensure it gets done in time. I must buy the pattern book for this. Knit Picks won’t have it until June. May have to wait.
  3. My husband deserves a special gift. He is the most wonderful man so I am going to make him the beautiful St Edna by Alice Starmore.  Here is a picture of someone else’s completed project. It is nice and loose fitting the way he likes.
  4. Kimono Baby Sweater from the book Mason Dixon Knitting. This will be for DJ’s baby coming in April and will be a quick knit.

Here are the things I would like to do, but may not have time:

  1. Alba Jacket by Alice Starmore. This is so beautiful I would love to have this one day.
  2. St Brigid sweater by Alice Starmore. Another breathtaking beauty. Maybe this year? The woman in the link made hers with a hood. What a great idea! I would never be that bold.
  3. Frog “the Thing” and make EZ’s Aran Jacket
  4. Lots of socks!
  5. Hats with leftover Lopi
  6. Moebius scarf with the black alpaca
  7. Still not sure what to make with all that Lopi Lite I have.  I don’t think it will serve well with the St Brigid. It is too dark to see all the beautiful cable work.

Here is The St Brigid I started. I am using the dark burgundy Lopi Lite and I made gauge using US4. The pattern calls for 7’s and I am thinking maybe I should go up to a 5. I am going to continue until I finish one set of the cable pattern and measure again. See if my gauge is too tight. Then I will frog it.  I need a different yarn for this. Maybe some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. 


Started St Brigid in Lopi Lite Cordovan

Started St Brigid in Lopi Lite Cordovan

As you can see this is too dark a color for a cable sweater.


Here is the St Edna I want to make Marc. This photo I got from ravelry. It is not my work. Just borrowed the photo so you could see what it will look like.


St Edna for Marc

St Edna for Marc

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