Kids do the cutest things

Last Sunday my husband, my Mother in Law and I went to our friends house for dinner. I brought my sock project with me to work on while I was there. Now, my husband is their daughter Victoria’s Godfather and all night she referred to him as “Godfather” It was completely adorable! 

Victoria was very curious about my knitting and was watching me intently for a while. She asked if I could teach her and I promised when she learned to read (she is not quite 4 yet) I would show her how to knit. I am thinking if she really does want to try, I will buy her one of those knitting tube for kids. I kind of felt bad. I didn’t want her to think I believed she couldn’t do it but I can’t imagine teaching a 4 yr old to knit. 

After dinner we were all at the table drinking coffee and having a great time. I was sitting there with my socks and again Victoria asked me to teach her. I told her again, when you can read, I will teach you. She assured me she could read very well. She leaves the table and comes back and sits next to me. In her hands she has 2 of those twisty things you close your bread bag with and a sock from her draw. She starts making knitting motions with her hand and informs me that she has learned to knit. She is going to knit a sock for her Godfather! I thought this was the most adorable sight! Gosh was she cute! Before we left she asked me to make her some socks and a hat and I promised I would after I finished her Godfather’s socks. I  went right to Ravelry to find some cute patterns.

About the sock, I have maybe 2 more inches to go before I start shaping the toes. I really had to make it quite long to accommodate the  large circumference of Marc’s foot. I am really happy with my first sock so far.


Here is a picture of Victoria at our wedding and the other night with her Godfather.



Victoria at our wedding

Victoria at our wedding


The Godfather

The Godfather

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