I was victorious over the gusset!

I figured it out and didn’t even need to go to the LYS! It was pouring rain yesterday and super windy. I did not want to get in the car and go to the LYS to get this sock done. There wasn’t even a guarantee anyone that could help me would be there. So, with the help of the links below and my own common sense I gave it a try. If I messed it up then I would go to the LYS and beg for help.

First thing I did was what seemed obvious. I picked up the first set of gusset stiches with the needle end I left off with. It made sense. To complicate things, I had too many stitches. I had to backtrack a little and get rid of some yo’s that I had inadvertently done. My yarn ups cam out great and I picked up the extra stitch and left the marker. OK, it looked good.


Picked up first set of gusset stitches

Picked up first set of gusset stitches

Now I had to figure out what the heck she meant by ‘the distant 10’. She says to pick up with the other needle (I will refer to this as the ‘instep needle’) and it sounded like she meant the distant 10 stitches that were on the working needle (we will call this the ‘heal flap needle’). What was throwing me off was that left a big gap where the other side of the gusset stitches were waiting to be picked up. What about them? How was I to get them on the instep needle if I had these 10 stitches hanging on the end? Just to play around I put the stitches on the other needle and looked at it. It didn’t make sense. 

This is where I had the aha moment. If I knit half the instep with the heal flap needle that would give me the required stitch amount + 10 on the heal flap needle.  I would leave the distant 10 on the heal flap needle and go ahead and complete the instep with the  instep needle and then be at the right spot to knit up the other gusset stitches. After I knit up the gusset stitches, then I would transfer over the Distant 10! That made perfect sense!

Here I am after I knit up the second set of gussets. You can see the Distant 10 there ready to be transfered over. Now I have the correct amount of stitches on each needle and I am happy as a pig in $h!t


The Distant 10

The Distant 10

Now I could work on the gusset section of the sock. It was quite easy and now I was loving the 2 circular needle method! 


Gusset all knitted up

Gusset stitches all picked up



Knitting the Gusset

Knitting the Gusset

And here is the progress I made by the end of the day. Smooth sailing from here!


Toe here I come!

Toe here I come!

Oh happy day!

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