This Gusset Stuff is Driving me Crazy!

I was really making progress on my first attempt at a sock…. until I finished the heal flap. I got to the section entitled picking up the gusset stitches. I then became totally clueless. I wasn’t sure which end of the needle to use to pick up the stitches first off. Then it tells to you to pick up a stitch at the end and place a marker. A marker for what? Then she says to look at the other end of your needle to see the other stitches waiting to be picked up. Yes I see them. OK. Uh, what do I do with them? The yarn is on the other side of my sock, so I can’t pick them up. Then the directions state to transfer 10 ‘distant stitches to the other needle. What ‘distant stitches’? I have no clue what she means by this. 

I was a little disappointed, but not too worried. I just went to bed and was quite confident I could google around and find answers. Well it wasn’t so easy. There is nothing on the web (that I could find) demonstrated what Cat means by the ‘distant stitches’. What I really need is to see it done. Then I will get it for sure. I checked UTube but there was nothing demonstating the gusset. I searched the Ravelry forums and there were plenty of people stuck at the same spot as me, but no clear answers.

I did find one thread that was a little helpful here. This person was stuck at the same spot as me and he does get some excellent advise that helped me a lot too, but nothing about those ‘distant’ stitches.

What I will have to do is go to the yarn shop with my directions and hope that someone can help me figure out what this means. Otherwise I will email Cat Bordhi with the question and hope she will help me out.

Here is how it looks now:


The Sock

The Sock

and here is my heal turn. Not too bad.



Heal Turn

Heal Turn

On a happier note, I fixed that dropped stitch on the Mangia Shawl. It doesn’t look perfect. You can see it looks a little pulled, but I think it will settle in and loosen up a bit as I continue to work on it.

Here is picture of the fix. A big thank you to Kelley Petkun for her knitpicks podcast number 52 on how to pick up dropped stitches. It was a great help!

Here is the shawl now. Can you see the tightness?



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