My knitting history Part 1

I am Amy and I love to knit.

I am really excited to be starting this blog so I can share my projects, nightmares and wonderful successes with anyone who would like to hear.

I started knitting when I was a young kid. My Grandma and Aunt Judy were excellent knitters and I wanted to be able to knit like them. They were able to teach me the basic stitches before I completely lost interest. This was in the 70’s. That’s ok, because the seeds were planted and the basics were learned. Years later when my son was born, my Grammy and Aunt knit numerous sets, blankets and booties for him and this got the bug going again for me. This was in the mid 80’s. My sister paid for a knitting class for me as a gift and I knit a sampler vest. This was the first project I ever completed. It came out quite good for a first project. I don’t know what happened to it, but I did wear it proudly for quite a while.

Warp ahead to the early 90’s. After my son was born, and I made the lonely vest, my time was spent working, going to school and being a Mom. No time (or money for that matter) for knitting. In 92 I graduated college and got a good paying job. As a reward, I set out to make a fisherman’s sweater. This is a sad story. I loved the cable knitting. I just loved it. I worked on it gleefully. If I had any troubles with it Grammy was there to help. It was a hooded zip up sweater. I still have the pattern book here somewhere and some day I vow to make this sweater.

What happened? I got pregnant with my daughter in ’93. This put the fisherman sweater on hold and I attempted to make a baby sweater. It came out awful. It was a sky blue with strings of mini pom poms knitted in with it. I put it on my daughter once and decided once was enough. Don’t know what happened to it and don’t think I really want to know.

Ok, back to the fisherman sweater. I am up to the front panels now and I have to shape the hood. It is not coming out well at all. Very sadly, my Aunt had passed away and my Grammy, heartbroken after loosing another child (my Dad, her oldest died when I was 11), didn’t want to knit any more. The only thing that put a smile on her face were her great grandchildren. Because of this the fisherman went on hold. Before my daughter’s first birthday, my Grandma passed away. The fisherman never was completed and recently when going through my closet, I found it. Moths had gotten to it and there were stains on it from who knows what. I decided to throw it away. I will start fresh and eventually make this sweater if I can find that pattern.

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